Our specialist teams have a proven track record of getting results and are well equipped to deal with the most challenging of loss scenarios. 

We can provide you with the confidence and security that client claims service is our top priority. Each of the principal account specialists has over 15 years' experience in handling large and complex claims in the international marketplace. We believe in exceeding our clients' expectations and possess both the depth and the commitment to deliver on this conviction. 

It is our objective to: 

  • Provide professional advice and assistance throughout the claims process 
  • Promptly advise insurers of developments on claims, and ensure that their progress is closely monitored 
  • Keep our valued clients informed 
  • Deal with queries promptly and efficiently 
  • Expedite settlement of claims funds 

We can provide:

  • Bespoke claims procedures 
  • On-site, risk-focussed claims presentations 
  • Advocacy on distressed claims (subject to agreed rate/charge) 

Cargo Claims Registration

Do you hold a Certificate of Insurance against which you wish to register a Claim? 

Please refer to the Claims Procedure within the Certificate of Insurance, the Certificate may direct you to the Lloyd and Partners Cargo Claims Registration Site, click here to open the Cargo Claims Registration Site.

Cargo Claims Registration

For further information please contact Steve Bertenshaw, Head of Claims, Energy on +44 (0)20 7558 3060